Vol. V No.4 Tanglaw Fall 1996

New Tanglaw Staff Brainstorms New Issue
by Rizvend Pecaña

"Next item... merienda!"
As the leaves change their colors to signal the turn of the season, so does the editorial staff dust off their shoes and put on their thinking hats to come up with the next issue of Tanglaw. On its 4th year of publication, Tanglaw continues to strengten the bond between PNAGKC members by disseminating information regarding current and planned social events, member profiles, organizational growth and much more.

Starting this issue, a lot of changes in terms of format and content have been planned by the editorial staff headed by Vicki Herrera to cintinue Tanglaw's purpose as a vital communication link among the Filipino nursing community in Kansas City and its suburbs. Expect clinical updates regarding current medical or nursing practices to graze the pages of Tanglaw as well as community updates just to name a few. The PNAGKC newsletter that we have fondly called Tess' baby will still contain regular columns such as the President's message, birthdays and anniversaries and an improved financial update.

As most of us might know, printing informational material requires a certain amount of expense on any organization. This means that voluntary financial contributions benefitting the circulation of this newsletter are always more than welcome. A cash donation of $30 was warmly received from the Diego Family Budget during our last brainstorming session. A few local business establishments have expressed interest in supporting us in this task.

Well, I hope this introduction has served its purpose. Although we definitely take pride in what the staff has put together so far, we appreciate any comments, suggestions or even any interesting articles you might have for our readers. Keep in mind, the community makes the news; we just print it.

Got something to share? You may drop us a line at (816) 746-5157 or on the E-Mail address Tanglaw@Juno.com.

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