On the night when the brightest stars were not in the sky, the PNAGKC celebrated its tenth anniversary on March 31, 2001.  The event was successfully and creatively organized by the planning committee which included the chairs and members of the social and education committees  (see page 5).

There was no doubt that for the members of PNAGKC, who were the stars of the night, the celebration marked a decade of accomplishments which seemed far fetched than planned, but actually fit well in the scheme of established goals and in the humanitarian desire to help others under limited resources.  The general attitude of "can do" has prevailed through the ten years and without question, will remain for this year
and the coming years.

Here are the highlights of the celebration:

Sonia Tumanut received the "PNAGKC Nurse of the Year" award.  She has been an active member since the asso

Sonia Tumanut (standing) is PNAGKC'S Nurse of the Year  for 2001.  Shown in this picture is the beautiful centerpiece that she artistically arranged.

ciation was organized.  So far, she has given ten years of volunteer work for fundraising, medical missions, community services, and organizing as well as keeping the PNAGKC survives.  She has led the association (1996-1998 President) competently and artistically, exhibiting nursing expertise and leadership qualities, as well as raw talents such as singing, dancing, decorating, cooking, acting, and guitar playing.

PNAGKC also recognized and

honored the past presidents  -  Gigi Mateo, Irma Labre, Sonia Tumanut, and Ernie Rosas,
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