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                                        "Alone we can do little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller driven into perfection

When typical just won't
cut it…
Rizvend Pecaña RN BSN
PNAA North Central Liaison Officer

Whatever you do, please read until the end…

With less than a few months to go, the Midwest is about to be fertile grounds for serious learning and a networking what with the Annual PNAA National Convention. This time, Kansas City is given the honor of hosting.

How do you follow a venue like Hawaii for a national convention? Simple. Not easy, but simple. The PNAGKC knows all about fun while working or learning. A true and tested attribute that keeps us viable and strong.

There will be similarities and notable differences from conventions in the past. Of course, our staple PNAA Executive Board meeting set

PNAGKC endorses the Florence Nightingale lamp to the next PNAA Annual Convention host, New England Chapter.

Alice Alcazaren
Receives the 2005  PNAGKC Nurse of the Year Award

VA 1978-86
UST 1976

Clinic Experience:
ICU, Recovery,Room, ....Preadmission surgery,
outpatient primary care, presently transition team
discharge planning case manager

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