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26th PNAA National Convention in Kansas City
By Rizvend Pecana, RN

With less than a few months to go, the Midwest is about to be fertile grounds for serious learning and a networking what with the Annual PNAA National Convention. This time, Kansas City is given the honor of hosting.
How do you follow a venue like Hawaii for a national convention? Simple. Not easy, but simple. The PNAGKC knows all about fun while working or learning. A true and tested attributed that keeps us viable and strong.
            There will be similarities and notable differences from conventions in the past. Of course, our staple PNAA Executive Board meeting set in the 1930's era architecture of the Kansas City Union station is a sure bet for productive exchange of ideas. The Fellowship night which provides a splendid variety of entertainment from each chapter will be the place to be on the same night at the Hyatt. Boy, do we know how to entertain ourselves.
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By  Vicky Herrera,  RN

Recently, statements like, "I waited three  hours in line to get the flu vaccine this year and almost got turned away" is  a common lament as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) issued  an interim recommendation to give the flu vaccine to the most vulnerable group in the community, first. This year, the limitation of the flu vaccine is due to the failure  of Chiron,  to produce their expected

amount of vaccine.

"This shortage is frightening to people and they're rushing out and standing in  long lines thinking they need the vaccine right now before it is all gone. We want them to know that more is coming, so as hard as it may be, please try to be patient and check with your provider ahead of time for availability
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