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"Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them." Aristotle 


On July 13-17, 2005, the Philippine Nurses Association  of  Greater Kansas City, will  host  the    26th  PNAA  annual convention at the Hyatt Regency, Kansas City Missouri.  The theme of the event is Creating Partnership for a  Preferred Future ,Sharing Vision, Values and Leadership. We have  invited brilliant and experienced speakers  to  discuss  several  issues  that affects nursing today and its future.  Among the topics that will be addressed are the  demands  of maintaining professional proficiency, keeping up with the latest technology, the influx of foreign trained nurses , building  and sustaining  a positive  partnership  in the workplace, the increasing and diverse needs of the clients we serve, building partnership and leadership,  the  uncertainty of  and the  future of nursing. We are optimistic that this event  will, revitalize ,  invigorate and empower nursing practice.
There will be lots of fun time too! The Convention Planning Committee  members  with chair, Ernesto
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L-R.  Front row: Tess Laoruangroch, Vicky Herrera, Cora Zamora; Back row: Marilyn Carino, Mayie Vilkins, Elvie Leone, Helen Austria, Beth Rosas, Irma Labre-Wright, Alice Alcazaren, Ruth Knutter, Sonia Tumanut.
Not shown:  Ernie Rosas, Phoebe Williams,  Annie Covillo, Riz Pecana

PNAA 6th North Central Regional Conference held in St. Louis

PNAGKC convention delegates:  L-R  back row- Joy Doolin, Irma Labre-Wright, Amie Valera, Beth Rosas.; front row - Ernie Rosas, Mila Velasquez (PNAA  President) and Rizvend Pecana.

PNA St. Louis hosted the PNAA 6th North Central Regional Conference last April 22-23, 2005.  Under the leadership of RamonaTabeta, President PNA St. Louis, the delegates from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas City, Michigan and Ohio were given the "Show Me State" hospitality experience. It was a time for the different chapters to network, share ideas and experiences, and have fun together.  Events like this strengthen the relationships among the different chapters, and at the

same time strengthen the PNAA organization as a whole. 

The theme of the conference was, "
Future Partnership and Vision Through Advance Nursing Practice".   This reflects the Leadership Theme of the new organization under the leadership of Mila
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