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"Don't be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small steps" - David  Lyod George

A "Weekend in New England" 
By Rizvend Pecaña

"Last night, I waved goodbye
now it seems years.
I'm back in the city
where nothing is clear…"

As the song "A weekend in New England" goes, events from the recent 27th Annual PNAA Annual Convention have come and gone yet the memories and the important impact this one has on the local chapters are yet to be experienced.

On a clear sky plane ride to Logan International Airport from KCI, I was hard at work memorizing the sequence the welcome night presentation of the PNAGKC. It was a bit awkward what with
another passenger looking over my shoulder while I read detailed written dance steps for on a piece of paper which had "I'M TOO SEXY" in big bold letters as a heading. Although this may usually overshadow the intent of the annual conventions, it was not the case this time.

L-R front:  Beth Rosas, Ernie Rosas, Sonia Tumanut, Bong Tumanut
L-R back:  Riz Pecana, Emilie Turalba, Marilyn Moyo, Tess Laoruangroch,  Arvin Figueroa, Leila Busch, and Amie Valera (not in picture)

For one who has yet to experience a PNAA Annual convention, read on the experience Leila Busch's article (reference). Meetings, classes and assemblies may seem to be all there is to it but then again, each city has multiple things to offer. Boston is one example and PNA New England made sure of that.
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A New Beginning 

"I would like to thank you all for your active participation, support and commitment especially those who were able to attend our first meeting for our fiscal year 2006-2008.

Our next PNAGKC general meeting will be on Sept 6, 2006 Wednesday at the FCC 7pm. Please mark your calendars. "   

                      Beth Rosas

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