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Rosas , have  worked  relentlessly for the past year in order  to make this event a truly extraordinary one.  With meticulous  preparation  for  enjoyment and  entertainment , this  convention,  will be none like any other. 

Let your hair down on the welcome night  and   put on your 1960's  gear!  Travel back in time  as you swing  and  twist the night away  with your partner  or  just sit back , relax  and recapture that nostalgic feeling as you hum your favorite oldies tune.   Bring your family and enjoy the  Midwestern Hoedown  at the Benjamin Ranch. Be bold  and  ride the mechanical bull or settle to milk the not real cows . Put your cowboy hats  on  and boots  and  have fun  shuffling  the
2 steps , swing the  line dance or  prance  the  cowboy  salsa.  Most of all  do not  miss the  exquisite   gala night. You will delight  at  the elegance of the night's  cultural performance. A  Sunday  mass  observance  and a brunch  picnic  at the Filipino Cultural Center will culminate the 5 days celebration. An array of Filipino  exhibits  and heritage  to enjoy   will be on display.

Meantime, we need to continue to work together,  to tie loose ends, to  step up and contribute  and   with confident expectation, let and  us  make this convention productive, enjoyable , truly an  affair we will all  remember  
by Vicky Herrera 

Meeting of the brilliant minds!

Continued from page 1.6th North Central Convention

Velasquez, which is Creating Partnership for a Preferred Future:  Sharing Vision, Values and Leadership.  According to Mila Velasquez, "The dynamic changes in healthcare and the global community mandate professional organizations such as PNAA  to create a vision for a preferred future that will strengthen our position in the healthcare arena."  She further said, "Our ability to create a preferred future for PNAA will be determined by creating partnerships with people who share the same vision and values, who are willing to live that vision, to explore new ideas and to transform PNAA to that envisioned desirable future."

The continuing education program was rich in information--leadership roles of nurses on the issue of domestic violence;  accountability and responsibility of nurses as leaders;  legal implications related to the practice of nursing; leadership and professional challenges nurses face in the present global environment.

5th International Nursing Conference
Global Partnership for a Preferred Future in HealthCare

January 25-27, 2006
Honolulu, Hawaii

Presented by the PNAA, Inc
In collaboration with
Philippine Nurses Association

This 3-day conference provides opportunities for Filipino nurses from all over the world to meet and share their views and experiences.  In keeping with the theme, distinguished and internationally renowned leaders, educators, and researchers will share their knowledge and skills on how global partnership and leadership can transform healthcare to its preferred future.

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