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A letter from the President:

To Our  "Kababayan",

The Philippine Nurses of Greater Kansas City is appealing to the Filipino community to assist Anna Liza
Samilin, a 20 year old Filipino who is an American  national from Samoa. She is here in Kansas City as a medical technologist student at CMSU under financial aid. Last October, she was diagnosed with acute leukemia. She was hospitalized for two months and recently finished outpatient chemotheraphy. She is awaiting bone marrow transplant. She and her parents are staying at  Lodge, temporary shelter provided by the American Cancer Society.

Anna Liza needs our assistance in any of the following:

  • Matching bone marrow
  • Financial-her insurance will pay 80% of the medical expenses, her social worker is working on having
        Medicaid pay the rest. She has no source of income; her father lost his job while he stayed with her
        during the acute phase of her illness. The family has not recovered from the funeral expenses spent on
         Anna Liza's brother who died of drowning a year ago.
  • Non perishable food, toiletries, laundry products- the shelter provides housing only; the family is
        responsible for their daily needs.

Let's find in our hearts the kababayan and humanitarian spirits to assist Anna Liza.

Tess Laoruangroch

PS. To contact Anna Liza (816) 2187217
        To contact her parents, Joe and Auring (816) 218-7218

Continued from page 7 New  Filipino Nurses in Lincoln, Nebraska

I commend the Education Department of Bryan LGH Medical Center for being in contact with the PNA and presenting their Orientation Program to us even before these nurses arrived.  I feel that they solicited our input and developed this partnership to strengthen the foundation for successful acculturation of the new nurses in their new environment.  And these nurses appear to be well adjusted to their new surroundings.

Since the Nebraska nursed did not make it to our Christmas Party maybe we can host a spring picnic to welcome them here in Kansas City, or invite them to join us in our summer picnic!

Rizvend Pecana,  Beth Rosas, and Ernie Rosas (not in picture) with the new Filipino nurses in Nebraska

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